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Natural Exfoliating Scrub

The Secret To Beautiful, Silky Smooth Skin For Life


Uses & Benefits

    • Gets rid of dead skin, lumps and bumps leaving skin silky
    • Scrubs off grease and dirt with ease
    • Fights signs of aging
    • Increases circulations so your skin glows
    • Controls and helps psoriasis
    • Anti Fungal & Bacterial
    • Improves Skin texture
    • Helps prevent breakouts
    • Get a closer shave for guys
    • Evens out skin tone
    • Good for prepping and removing fake tan

Read What People Think Of The Pumice Stone Soap

“I am writing to commend you and thank you for your unique and inspirational products.”

“I have quite oily skin and sometimes suffer from blocked pores and ingrown hairs. This caused me a great deal of anxiety as a teenager and continues to bug me as I have grown older. I do not like using harsh chemical based products and have always tried to remain true to my belief of treading lightly on the earth.¬†At your recommendation I tried the Uluru pumice stone soap on my face and have been impressed with the results. Not only am I completely enchanted by the unique blend of essential oils but it has cleared up my skin after only a week.”

Kem Sedick

Chief Executive Officer - Rumbalara Aboriginal Cooperative